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Discover and Understand provides one-stop access to inspirational teaching and research at the University of Sheffield. We want you to be inspired by our world class research, to encounter cutting edge knowledge beyond your degree, to connect ideas and to celebrate the creativity behind the teaching that has captured your imagination.

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March 07 2013
SIID hosted: Duncan Green Lecture, Oxfam

Duncan Green, Oxfam, 'What's Hot and What's Not in development: How has development thinking changed in the last five years?

Duncan Green, Oxfam, is coming to the University of Sheffield to give a lecture on 'What's Hot and What's Not in development: How has development thinking changed in the last five years? Duncan will also be signing copies of his new book From Poverty to Power 2nd edition

Please direct any queries to Charotte Lester at

Time: 05:30 - 19:00

Venue: ICOSS Conference Room

Booking: Please register at:

Upcoming Events

June 19 2013

Discover and Understand and Inspiration and Co.


Following the successful launches of the Discover and Understand Sheffield Colloquium event and the Inspiration and Co. lecture series, a Showcase event was held on:


 19 June at 301, Glossop Rd, from 12pm to 2pm


The Showcase was an opportunity for the wider staff team to learn more about the Discover and Understand initiative and hear first-hand from students about their experiences.  Students' "E-posters" were displayed (see left), presenting ideas they initiated at the Sheffield Colloquium week-long event; and Academics´ talks from both the Sheffield Colloquium and Inspiration and Co were being broadcast to give a flavour of some of the themes being addressed.  Our colleagues from USE delivered a session for students to further develop and implement their ideas in the future and a presentation by Cathy Shrank (Academic Lead, Sheffield Collquium), Richard Ward (Project Support, Sheffield Colloquium) and Chris Howett (Project Support, Inspiration and Co) delivered a broad overview to key stakeholders of both projects, from their initiation to their successful execution and aspirations for future events.